Proposal Of Communication

Communication spaces allow attendees to present their relevant experiences or results of their research projects. The theme of theses communications must always be related to the lines of work defined by the Congress.

Important dates

The dates for submission, arbitration and publication of works are the following:


3rd May 2019: Deadline for final, revised contributions. 


All contributions should be submitted according the following indications:


  • Between 10,000 and 15,000 characters with spaces, including references.

  • Summary: 350 words.

  • A4 size.

  • Margins left-right-top-bottom 2.5 cm.

  • Font TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 pt.

  • Single spaced.

  • Double spacing between paragraphs.

  • Language, Spanish

  • References according to APA guidelines 6th edition (

  • The digital version should be sent in a WORD file (Microsoft Word 6.0 or later).

  • The document should be named with the author's name and surname  (with a chronological number if there is more than one submission).

  • The file must include the totality of the work (text, tables, figures, diagrams, etc.) with each item in their appropriate place.

  • The 1st page will indicate: Title, authors and institutions; telephone number and email address of the contact person and summary.

Other important considerations for the presentation of contributions:


  • All contributions received will be subject to a blind review by the Conference’ Scientific Committee.

  • For the presentation and publication of contributions, with ISBN, at least 50% of the authors must have registered for the Congress.

  • The Scientific Committee may propose the presentation of contributions to indexed journals related to the organising institutions.

  • The authors will have the audiovisual and IT resources required for the presentation of different communications; however, the type of resources that are required should be communicated to the organisers in advance. 

Other considerations

- Todas las aportaciones recibidas serán sometidas a revisión ciega por parte del Comité Científico del Congreso. - Para la presentación y publicación de las aportaciones, con ISBN, deberán estar inscritos al Congreso al menos el 50% de los autores. - El Comité Científico podrá proponer la presentación de aportaciones a revistas indexadas vinculadas a las instituciones organizadoras. - Los autores tendrán a su disposición los recursos audiovisuales e informáticos necesarios para la presentación de las diferentes comunicaciones; no obstante, se agradecerá que sea comunicado con antelación el tipo de recursos que se precisarán.

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